„Trophies of a Serial Killer”

The gruesomely gorgeous showpieces of your family friend

He's a ruthless killer. He eats mice and birds for breakfast. In fact, he likes to toy with them before delivering the final blow. But at home he is the entire family's darling who loves to play with children. Who is this beloved serial killer? There's a good chance that as you're reading this, he is on your couch, having a stretch before starting his second afternoon nap. That's right: it's the cat.

Cat Priem was interested in the cat's paradoxical image and developed the „Trophies of a Serial Killer” jewelry series. At first, the pieces in this series seem adorable but when viewed up close they turn out to be the trophies of our purring assassin: bird feet, tiny skulls and other showpieces. Terribly well designed, finished to perfection.